Please take a moment to read our Rules

The play area is monitored by our Team but all children remain the responsibility of their parent, guardian or accompanying adult and must be supervised by them at all times.

For your children’s safety socks must be worn at all times (you can purchase a pair here if necessary).

Only food and drink purchased at The Big Top’s may be consumed during your visit.

No food, drink or sweets should be taken into the play areas.

Please remove spectacles, jewellery, watches, money and any sharp objects including badges before entering the play area.

Please report any accident to a member of our team.

Bullying is not allowed.

Any child found continually behaving in a destructive or disruptive manner may be asked to leave by a Big Top’s Supervisor.

Please make sure your children do not climb the slides.

Misuse of the play equipment may result in an accident.

Children who are clearly not well should not use the play facilities.

Please make sure your children know where the toilets are and that they are supervised if necessary.

Please use the Disabled toilets or Ladies for nappy changing and potty training.

Please help us keep The Big Top’s tidy. Bins are provided and in the event of a spillage please let us know so we can clean it up.

We occasionally take photos and videos of children at our events and parties, which we may use for publicity purposes. please let us know if you wish your child to be excluded from these pictures.

We hope you enjoy your visit, If you do please tell your friends, if for some reason you don’t – please tell us.

Thank You!