Princess Party Ideas!

Party planning can be an absolute nightmare! However, ive got a few tips and tricks to make your little prince or princesses party super magical! 

So does your little one want a Princess themed party this year? No problems there is so many amazing things you can do to cater for this!

Step one

Invites & who’s invited–  Sit down with your little one and figure out who they want to come to the party & who the favorite princess is at the time (trust me this will change!) Do this a couple of months before the party date so everyone has time enough time to plan the party in! You could make your own invites with so many great templates on the web…

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Step two

Decorations –  Try and incorporate your little ones favorite princess but have a few just in case they have changes there minds!  Pinks and glitter is always a winner! A table set for a princess is a great way to make the birthday child feel super special, decorate with table cloths, confetti, balloons the works! Get the paper plates with the Princess of choice on the children will be eager to eat all the food!



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Step three

Food & Cake – There is so many fantastic ideas for a Princess party themed buffet and so easy to create! Things like making the sandwiches into crowns and popping pink food colouring into the popcorn is a great way to get the kids to eat everything! The cake is going to be one of the main tasks, whether you want to order one or make it your self it has to be perfect! Take a look at some of these ideas…

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Step four

Games – There is the obvious games like pass the parcel and musical statues! But why not throw some princess themed games in, Pin the kiss on the frog and musical thrones instead of musical chairs are great ways to run the Princess theme right the way through!


Other ideas – Don’t forget you don’t have to do the party at home! There is lots of places that cater for children’s birthday party’s! Here at The Big Tops we do our very own Princess party where the Princess of choice actually comes the party!



Have a great party, if you have any idea’s feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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