Princess Parties – 2 Hours

This is a truly magical experience where your child and her guests go upstairs to meet their favourite princess, have princess training, photo session before coming down for their birthday march with the princess. It’s then off to the party room for a royal mixed buffet with themed tableware, again accompanied by the princess. After the buffet the children go to the disco room with their princess who will spend 20 minutes putting some of the training they learned earlier into practice. The Children will then play a game or two before going back to soft play for any time remaining. This party includes a recorded DVD of the Disco room session.

£14.99/Child for first 10 then £10:50/child

(Minimum 10 Children) Includes invites, Balloon, Reserved Tables, Princess, Photo, DVD, Disco, Mixed Buffet, Party Bags.

Choice of Elsa, Arna, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Tinkerbell (dependent on availability)