Laser Tag

£11.95 Per Child

Minimum 10 children includes 2 games Laser, Soft Play, Mixed Buffet and Party Bag

laser party

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Tag?
Laser tag …. a game of cunning, stealth and strategy. A game that at time seems almost real, laser tag is generally an indoor game where you can play in teams or one on one in this inflatable arena.
The Arena
There is no other Zone like LASE-A-MAZE. It consists of an inflatable 100ft * 25ft maze of tunnels and connecting pods. It is designed for players over 5 years of age. It is a little dark and when you first enter the maze you will get a rush of air, but you do not feel this once inside.
Laser Challenge
Each player get a lightweight gun, a short safety briefing and it’s time to enter the maze. You score points everytime you hit you’re opponenets gun. Each game has 5 minutes briefing and 15 minutes game time.