Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018, are you prepared?


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Halloween 2018 is just around the corner, get prepared now to avoid disappointment! 

Find out what the kids actually want to do! There is so many things going on around the week of Halloween it can get all a bit over whelming!

Sit the kids down and discuss costumes, earlier the better as the shops will sell out. Some of the best places for costumes is the supermarkets, affordable and good quality! Most big named supermarkets will start selling costumes towards the end of September so keep an eye out!

Trick or treating is great for the older ones who can go off and enjoy with there friends! A great idea for the whole family is to find a Halloween party, most soft play areas put on a Halloween party either the weekend before or after!

Hear at The Big Tops we are doing our annual Halloween party on the night of the 31st to make it extra special for the kids! Its starting at 5pm and finishes at 7pm so plenty of time after to still go trick or treating! Tickets are on sale now! – Call 01909 560110 for info and to book! 

Most importantly this Halloween make sure you are safe and have fun!

The Big Tops, Bookers way , Dinington , S25 3SH 

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