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Travelling with The Kids this Summer

Traveling with the kiddies!
Traveling is stressful at the best of times but when you have kids making sure they are entertained while keeping yourself organised can boost the stress levels through the roof!
Here’s a list of useful tips and tricks to make sure your travels go as smoothly and as stress free as possible!

Always pack snacks!
Make each child their own entertainment pack, if they have one each they’ll be no fighting! (Fill with colouring books, pencils, stickers etc..)
Make the entertainment Read More

How To Get Kids Eating Healthy

‘A Healthy outside starts from the inside’ – Robert Urich
Indeed it does! We all set out in life to be healthy and we carry that into parenthood. However it can be a real struggle because how do you actually get children to be healthy from the inside? Every parent wants their child to be healthy and eat their fruit an vegetables but sometimes little ones like to rebel and only eat the bad stuff!
It’s easier to let your kids have Read More

How To Encourage Kids To Be Active

We all know that children would sometimes rather sit indoors watching T.V than go outside and be active, the trouble is they need around one hour of physical activity a day to maintain a healthy weight…exercise also helps build up strong bones and muscles! So how do you get kids to enjoy exercise?

The Lazy Parents Guide To Planning A Birthday Party

Planning a child’s birthday party can seem like the most stressful thing you can go through as a parent because all you want is for your little prince or princess to have a perfect day. With so many thoughts racing through your mind, like what if the entertainer doesn’t show up? What if it rains on the day? And most importantly what if my child doesn’t enjoy it? It can be a sleepless time for many…well no more! This article Read More

What If You Don’t Have Time To Take Your Kids To Soft Play Centres?

TimeAll of us want our children to have happy and healthy upbringings. Children need plenty of exercise and time to play if they are to have the best chance of developing into well adjusted and satisfied adults in the years to come.
We know however that it’s not always easy to provide your kids with everything they want and need. With various constraints on your time, money and energy, there may be times when Read More

Are We Pressured To Spend Too Much On Children’s Birthday Parties?

MoneyThere are many things that contribute to our idea of the perfect children’s birthday party. Lots of cake and ice cream, of course, some great activities such as soft play in Sheffield or elsewhere, and loads of friends.
However, you may be surprised (or not) to hear that many parents increasingly feel pressured to spend a large amount on their children’s birthday parties – running up a bill of several hundred pounds.

What Else Do We Offer At The Big Tops?

One of the reasons we think we’re a premier venue for children’s activities in Sheffield is that we offer so many different experiences and types of parties for kids.
Those who have read our blog before, or visited us here in Sheffield, will be familiar with some of the best known activities that we tend to talk about the most. For example, our ace soft play centre which challenges children’s physical and mental boundaries. Or our great build a bear sessions Read More

5 Unusual Children’s Birthday Party Rituals From Around The World

PinataDo you ever think about the rituals that we associate with the birthday of a child?
It sounds odd at first to think of the kinds of children’s birthday parties that we throw as forming part of any kind of ritual, just because there is so much diversity in terms of what you can do.
After all, you can opt for a meal, a movie, lase a maze, workshops, soft play areas, meet and greets Read More

5 Great Ideas For Children’s Birthday Parties

RollercoasterIf there’s anything that can really make a child happy for a matter of weeks, it’s a birthday party. The promise of an exciting kid’s birthday party will keep your child in anticipation for a long time leading up to it and, if it’s really successful, for some time after it as well.
The importance of striving to get everything just right can hardly be overstated. But that’s a lot of pressure to make Read More

How To Arrange A Children’s Easter Egg Hunt

Easter eggEaster is late this year – 20th April – so there’s still time to arrange a traditional Easter egg hunt for your children and their friends!
Whether you are arranging something small for your own children, or a more large scale affair for a children’s group, the egg hunt is something that still fascinates and entertains young people year on year – yes, even in the age of iPhones and PlayStations!
Though the Read More