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What Can You Do When Your Child’s Party Plans Fall Through?

Stop!There’s a saying – hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It’s a phrase that often comes to mind when things have gone wrong, and you don’t necessarily have a backup plan in place.
One of those times might well be when it’s the day of your child’s birthday party and you get a call telling you, for instance, that the entertainer you asked to come has found himself double booked, or that Read More

What Can You Do When Your Child’s Birthday Party Is During The School Holidays?

Easter bunniesEveryone loves celebrating their birthday. Unfortunately, some dates aren’t as convenient as others for a birthday – and so those people who happen to have been born around Christmas, in the middle of summer or at Easter might find they face certain challenges at that time of year, every year, throughout their lives.
There’s no reason to avoid celebrating a birthday altogether if it falls on a less convenient day, but the Read More