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Do Children Get Enough Time To Play These Days?

Children playing in a tunnelMost parents, carers, teachers and the like would agree that children need to play as well as work.
Something that is more a matter of debate is just how the balance should be struck between playing and education.
At a certain point, it seems we start to question whether play is just a waste of time, whether children are getting enough out of it, and whether play Read More

Soft Play On A Budget: Great Offers Here At The Big Tops!

Spectacular Supersaver party - just £120 for 20 children!We know times are tough for many of us now. Especially with the costly Christmas season coming up soon, you might be thinking more about tightening your belt and hoping Father Christmas comes up with something really fantastic this year.
Luckily, we’ve got a range of great offers and discounted sessions available right now, so entertaining the young Read More

How Your Child Benefits From Arts And Crafts

A handmade beaded bracelet
It’s always important to foster creativity in children – and what better way than having them take part in arts and crafts?!
Guiding children through the process of creating something is a fantastic learning opportunity for them on so many levels.